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Tooth Removal/Extractions

Remove Damaged Teeth & Enjoy Eating Again.

Visit a Gentle Dentist for Comfortable Tooth Removal in Plymouth

Tooth Removal

Tooth removal is not our first option when a patient is in pain and suffering. Repairing and saving a painful tooth is always Dr. Barber’s goal. Sometimes, however, a tooth is so diseased or damaged that removal is necessary to protect a patient’s other teeth and gums. You can count on Chad W. Barber, DDS for expert, gentle removal if needed. Here’s what you can expect from a tooth extraction in our Plymouth, MI dentist office:

  • Pain relief so you feel better soon
  • Prevention of further health problems caused by a damaged tooth
  • Sedation options to help you relax
  • Improved oral health
  • Restorative options available to replace your missing tooth
  • Wisdom teeth removal to help prevent problems with your wisdom teeth and other teeth
Take Your Pick of Tooth Replacement Options

Replacement Options

Once your damaged tooth is removed, you will want to replace it soon. A missing tooth can cause your other teeth to shift their positions, which can lead to an uncomfortable bite. Also, without a tooth root to stimulate it, your jawbone will begin to slowly deteriorate. Over time, this can cause you to have a “sunken face” and appear several years older. Choose from these options to replace your tooth:

  • Dental implant restoration – Dr. Barber can restore a dental implant that an oral surgeon has placed in your jaw. He can secure a natural-looking porcelain or zirconia crown to your implant to create a beautiful replacement tooth. If you have more than one tooth missing, several implants can be used to give you sturdy implant bridges or implant dentures.
  • Fixed bridges – If you have one missing tooth or several missing teeth, this appliance will fill the gaps in your smile with replacement teeth, anchoring on either end to your natural teeth.
  • Dentures – Choose a conventional full denture for a complete arch of replacement teeth. Or if you have some healthy teeth still in place, a partial denture will clasp to those teeth and fill in your smile.



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