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Dental Implants

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Change Your Life With Dental Implants in Plymouth, MI

Dental Implants

When you’re faced with tooth loss and the devastating impact it can have on your life, you don’t want to waste your time and money on temporary solutions. You want a tooth replacement strategy that will help you get back to the high quality of life you had before.

You’ll find it with dental implants at Chad W. Barber, DDS! Under Dr. Barber’s expert care, you can enjoy the life-changing benefits of our strong, natural-looking dental implants and restorations.

  • Eat the nutritious foods you love.
  • Get a beautiful, complete smile.
  • Preserve the health of your jawbone and gum tissue.
  • Brush and floss normally for easy care.
  • Protect your surrounding healthy teeth and your overall health!

A great smile and a healthier, happier life can be yours again when you choose the unmatched strength of replacement teeth secured with dental implants!

Choose the Method That Suits You Best!

Choose the Method

During your consultation, Dr. Barber will discuss your options so you can choose replacement teeth that allow you to live exactly the way you want.

We work with a local oral surgeon who places your dental implant according to your needs. Then, Dr. Barber designs your customized dental crown to serve as your new tooth. It’s made to fit comfortably and blend in naturally with your smile!

We offer a number of ways to replace missing teeth with implants so you can decide which best suits your health and lifestyle:

  • A dental crown
  • A dental bridge
  • Implant-supported dentures or implant-retained dentures

Replacement teeth secured by dental implants will maximize your bite strength, allow us to make easy adjustments along the way, and encourage healthy growth in your jawbone for lasting oral health!




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