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Sedation Options

Ease Your Dental Anxiety. Discover Comfortable, Relaxing Dentistry.

Enjoy Relaxing Dentistry With Our Sedation Options in Plymouth

Enjoy Relaxing

Many of our patients were once afraid to go to the dentist. That is, until they experienced the unique brand of gentle dentistry that we offer at Chad W. Barber, DDS. So, if fear has been keeping you from getting the dental care you need to smile, those days are over. We offer sedation options that will make sure your visits go smoothly and without stress. Sedation dentistry in our Plymouth, MI dentist office will:

  • Help you relax so you can get beneficial smile care.
  • Reduce your anxiety about future dental visits.
  • Catch small dental problems before they become big headaches.
  • Increase your confidence that your smile is healthy and beautiful.
Choose Sedation That Makes Sense to You

Makes Sense

Dr. Barber and our team are dedicated to providing you excellent dentistry in an environment that is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. For that reason, we make two types of sedation available to you. We’ll discuss both options with you, and you can decide which one is best for you. Choose from either method:

  • Inhaled Sedation – This is our mildest form of sedation, also called “laughing gas.” You will breathe in a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that will give you a slight feeling of euphoria and help you relax. You’ll remain awake during your procedure and able to ask any questions you have. After the sedation is removed, you’ll feel like your old self again almost immediately, so you’ll be able to drive yourself home.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – For a deeper feeling of relaxation, Dr. Barber will prescribe a small pill to take before your appointment. It will make you feel groggy and very relaxed, and you may not remember much about your appointment. You’ll need to have someone drive you home afterward, as the pill’s effect will take several hours to wear off.



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